Triple F Ranch "3F" Grapeland, Texas Member Texas Longhorn Breeders Association Member International Texas Longhorn Association
Triple F Ranch  "3F"Grapeland, TexasMember Texas Longhorn Breeders AssociationMember International Texas Longhorn Association

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SR Tungsten 068 -Herd Sire

D.O.B. 4/21/2020

Tip to Tip: 80 3/8''  on 3/18/24

Dam: GD Iron Bev (Sittin Bull)

Sire: SR Clout 466 (Texana Van Horne, WS Jamakizm, M Arrow Dream Maker )



DNA Parent Verified



OL Libby

D.O.B. 1/18/11

Tip to Tip: 64 3/4" on 11/20/23  

Dam: BH Momma's Best ( Not Gunna, SW Lily, Archer , Not Dot)

Sire: Country Liberator 

TLBAA# CA273875 ITLA #  276557

DNA on File


For Sale : See Sale Page


 D.O.B.  3/24/11

 Tip to Tip: 67" on 11/20/23

 Dam: SS Buffy Trail

 Sire : Hot Playboy (Grandson of Watson 83)

 TLBAA # CI283875   ITLA # 276555

DNA on File

Black Confetti

D.O.B. 3/8/2015

Tip to Tip: 80 1/4" on 11/20/23

Dam: DDR Red Confetti (DH Red Ranger, FL Rio Maxine)

Sire: Hubbells 20 Gauge (Concealed Weapon, Hubbells Rio Glory)

TLBAA # CI301257 ITLA# 286001

DNA on File



DOB: 4/22/11

Tip to Tip:  74" on 11/20/23

Dam:LC Bladens LuckySeven (Granddaughter of Hunts Demand Respect & VJ Tommie)

Sire: Top Dog

TLBAA # CI283654   ITLA # 276552

DNA on File


D.O.B. 10/26/13

TIP TO TIP: 67" on 11/20/23



TLBAA  # CI290349   ITLA # 276551

DNA on File

Southern Satin

D.O.B. 2/28/17

Tip to Tip : 72 1/2" on 11/20/23

Dam: Southern Chiffon (Miss Blue Denim, Monarch)

Sire: WF Commander ( Clear Win, Starbase Commander, Lady Dixie)

TLBAA # CI313370   ITLA # 281994

DNA on File

JTW Daisey 95

D.O.B. 11/16/2012

Tip to Tip: 70 1/4" on 11/20/23

Dam: Jamaka Della ( WS Jamakizm, FSR Stella Sanatana)

Sire : Clear Win (Win Win, Bowl of Roses)

TLBAA # CAI29164 ITLA #286000

DNA on File


DDR Adelaide

D.O.B. 6/11/2015

Tip to Tip: 73 1/2" on 11/20/23

Dam : DDR Maxine's Valentine  (DH Red Ranger, FL Rio Maxine )

Sire: Cowboy Charlemage SRC (Cowboy Chex WF Pippin)

TLBAA  # CI297642 ITLA #285998

DNA on File

GD Black Market

D.O.B. 5/10/2017

Tip to Tip: 63 1/2"  on 11/20/23

Dam: GD Black Bald (Rio Silhouette Chex, BL Duprees Snow Ball 046)

Sire: Limitless (Sittin Bull, BL Monika 645)

TLBAA # CI325896 ITLA#277161

DNA on File

PT Daisy Mae

D.O.B. 01/03/12

Tip to Tip: 63 1/2" on 11/20/23

Dam: CO Blitzen ( Winner's Edge & Winchester)

Sire: Tycoon ( VJ Tommie ,Fielder)

TLBAA # CI282134 ITLA#290086

DNA on File

HLR Cassie's Pride

D.O.B. 5/30/2017

Tip to Tip: 70 1/2" on 11/20/23

Dam: RC Angie (J.R. Grand Slam, Wyoming Cowboy,Emperor, Maximus ST)

Sire: Cowboy Casanova's Pride (CV Cowboy Casanova,Cowboy Chex, Awesome Viagra, Senator, Sarasm)

TLBAA#CI310676 ITLA#292185

DNA On File




Bombshell Bandita HCL

D.O.B. 8/17/2017

Tip to Tip:80" on 11/20/23

Dam: Casino Bandita BCB ( Bandera Chex, Peacemaker 44, Working Man Chex, Phenomenon)

Sire: Bomber Chex 80 (JP rio Grande, Coach, Superior,TX W Rose Bud)

TLBAA #CI308799 ITLA #292183

DNA On File

MTR Paloma Rising 14/29

D.O.B. 4/1/2014

Tip to Tip: 67 1/2" on 11/20/23

Dam: MI Tierra Vaca 820 (Excalibur, Senator, Emperor,)

Sire: Fast Arisen (Super Bowl, Not Gunna, Senator, VJ Tommie (AKA Unlimited) The Shadow)

TLBAA:CI291431 ITLA#268451

DNA On File

HL Pure Happy 


Tip to Tip: 71 1/2" on11/20/23

Dam:BS Miss Playboy ( Hot PlayBoy & Allen's 235)

Sire: CV Call Of Duty (CV Cowboy Casanova, Cowboy Chex, Chuckwagon, Fl Rio Maxine)

TLBAA #CI319488  ITLA # 292184

DNA Parentage Verified


Kinky Boots

D.O.B. 11/26/2013

Tip to Tip: TBD

Dam: SDR Rios Princess (JP Rio Grande Daughter)

Sire: Van Horne Texa (Sittin Bull, Hashbrown, Miss Rodeo America, )


3F Adelaide's Lavella (Heifer)

D.O.B.5/3/2022                                       Tip to Tip: 40"

Dam: DDR  Adelaide

Sire: PCC Yellowstone

TLBAA#CI338063 ITLA#290084

DNA Parentage Verified

 3F Adelaide's JuneBug  (Heifer)

D.O.B. 6/30/2023

Tip to Tip: N/A

Dam: DDR Adelaide (Cowboy Charlemagne SRC, Cowboy Chex, Peacemaker44)

Sire: PCC Yellowstone (Goldmine1,M Arrow Wow What A Fannie) 

TLBAA#CI345058 ITLA#292256


3F Yellowstone's Luna (Heifer)

D.O.B. 10/29/2023

Tip to Tip: N/A

Dam: GD Black Market (

Limitless, Sittin Bull, JP Rio Grande, Hashbrown & Coach)        

Sire: PCC Yellowstone ( Goldmine 1, M Arrow Wow What A Fannie, Cowboy Chex, DH Red Ranger)                                        Registration Pending Due to Age




3F Happy's Holiday (Heifer)

D.O.B. 12/15/2023

Tip to Tip: N/A

Dam: HL Pure Happy ( CV Call of Duty daughter, Hot Playboy granddaughter)

Sire: PCC Yellowstone ( Goldmine1 x M Arrow Wow What A Fannie son)

Registration Pending Due To Age


3F Miss Autumn's Pete  (Bull)

D.O.B. 2/16/2024

Tip to Tip: N/A

Dam : Hans Miss Autumn (Shalako's Colt 44, Peacemaker 44, Hot Playboy) 

Sire: PCC Yellowstone ( Goldmine 1, M Arrow Wow What A Fannie, Feisty Lee)


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