Triple F Ranch "3F" Grapeland, Texas Member Texas Longhorn Breeders Assc. Member International Texas Longhorn Association
Triple F Ranch  "3F"Grapeland, TexasMember Texas Longhorn Breeders Assc.Member International Texas Longhorn Association

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All animals in our herd are under a managed veterinarian health & wellness program.

PCC Yellowstone

D.O.B. 4/13/2017

Tip to Tip: 67 -1/4" on 12-13-19

Dam: M Arrow Too Feisty 

Sire: Goldmine 1




 D.O.B.  3/24/2011

 Tip to Tip: 65 1/2''  on 10/1/19

 Dam: SS Buffy Trail

 Sire : Hot Playboy (Grandson of Watson 83)

 TLBAA # CI283875   ITLA # 276555


 D.O.B. 04/07/2010

Tip to Tip 58 3/4"  on 10-1-19

Dam: Vaquera Bonita (Hint of Lib , Buckshot, Rangers Bonita)

Sire: Star Marker (Monarch & One Way Ticket)

TLBAA # C273242 ITLA # 276543


D.O.B.  04/13/2014

Tip to Tip: 70 1/2"

Dam:HL Super Hattie (Super Bowl & Superman)

Sire:Lazy J Highlander (High Fashion & K.C. Justice)

TLBAA # CI294618   ITLA # 276554



TIP to TIP: 60 1/2" on 10/1/19

Dam:BH Momma's Best (Not Gunna Daughter)

Sire:Country Liberator (Country Boy Son)

TLBAA # CA273875   ITLA # 276557


DOB: 4/22/2011

Tip to Tip: 72 1/2" on 10/1/19

Dam:LC Bladens LuckySeven (Granddaughter of Hunts Demand Respect & VJ Tommie)

Sire: Top Dog

TLBAA # CI283654   ITLA # 27655


DOB: 01/25/2009

Tip to Tip: 64"'  on 10/1/19

Dam: Vaquera Bonita (Daughter of Hint of Lib & Granddaughter of Country Liberator)

Sire: Battle Star (Son of Boomeriffic)

TLBAA # C267911      ITLA # 276556                      


OL DOLLY                             

DOB: 6/20/2011                       

Tip To Tip : 54 1/2''(tips off when we bought her )  on 4/2/19

Dam:Untarished(Senators Choice,Unlimited)

Sire: TCC Champion (Boomerang CP&The Shadow)

TLBAA # CI275746  ITLA #2 76553


D.O.B. 10/26/2013

TIP TO TIP: 62 1/2"  on 10/1/19



TLBAA  # CI290349   ITLA # 276551

Suede's Red Rose

D.O.B. 7/20/ 2014

Tip to Tip 54 1/2"  on 10/1/19

Dam: Vaquera's Little Star

Sire: Ol Big Red (A Mile Marker Son)

TLBAA # CI290350    ITLA # 276548


RDH Erin-Heifer

D.O.B. 10/23/2016

Tip to Tip 51"  on 10/1/19

Dam: RDH Salida SAL

Sire: HH Latigo                     

TLBAA# CI306380  ITLA  # 275978



BRR Regarding Oreo

D.O.B. 7/15/2016

Tip To Tip 44 1/2"

Dam: Oreo 142

Sire: SCC Norigard ( Drag Iron Son)

TLBAA # CI303851  ITLA # 276542


ACC Rio 2 Rio 

D.O.B. 6/03/2016

Tip to Tip 58"  on 10/1/19

Dam: ACC Rio Darlene (JP Rio Grande Daughter)

Sire: TLS Rio Tuff (Cowboy Tuff Chex son)

TLBAA # CI301400   ITLA # 276549




Southern Satin

D.O.B. 2/28/2017

Tip to Tip : 60"  10/1/19

Dam: Southern Chiffon (Miss Blue Denim, Monarch)

Sire: WF Commander ( Clear Win, Starbase Commander, Lady Dixie)

TLBAA # CI313370 ITLA #281994

Sweet  Sapphire

D.O.B. 4/29/2016

Tip to Tip: TBD

Dam :RP Tango's Sapphire

Sire : Sweet Iron ( Drag Iron, WS Jamakizm, The Shadow)

TLBAA# CI301515

Clearly Suede's Chaos-Heifer

D.O.B. 5/3/2017

Tip to Tip 44"   on 10/1/19

Dam: Suede's Red Rose

Sire: Clearly A Gunman (Clear Win son)

TLBAA  # CI306820   ITLA # 276544

Clearly Born A Star- Steer

D.O.B. 4/21/2017

Tip To Tip 53"  on 10/1/19

Dam: Vaquera's Little Star

Sire: Clearly A Gunman (Clear Win Son)

TLBAA  # SI65762   ITLA # 276547

She's Clearly A Baby Doll-Heifer

D.O.B. 10/3/2017

Tip to Tip : 38 1/2"  on 10/1/19

Dam: Ol Dolly (Boomerang CP, Untarished, Senators Choice,& The Shadow)                 

Sire: Clearly A Gunman (Clear Win son )

TLBAA # CI310198  ITLA  276869    

Clearly Autumns Ms Holly-Heifer

D.O.B. 12/20/2017

Tip to Tip 36"  on 10/1/19

Dam: Hans Miss Autumn (Hot Playboy  granddaughter)

Sire: Clearly A Gunman (Clear Win & Lazy Js Silk)

TLBAA # CI313044  ITLA #281981




Striking Little Cowgirl- Heifer

D.O.B. 4/27/2018

Tip To Tip N/A

Dam: Vaquera's Little Star (Battle Star Daughter)

Sire: CH Lightning Strike (LC Bladen)

TLBAA  CI314288 ITLA#281987

Lightning's Rancher Girl-Heifer

D.O.B. 8/31/2018

Tip to Tip N/A

Dam: OL Dolly ( TCC Champion)

Sire: CH Lightning Strike (LC Bladen)

TLBAA #CI315728 ITLA#281995

Beauty's Striking Darlin-Heifer

D.O.B.  5/14/2019

Tip to Tip N/A

Dam: Clearly Autumn's Beauty ( Clear Win & Hot Playboy )

Sire: CH Lightning Strike (LC Bladen & Awesome Viagra)


Lightning's Baby Star-Heifer

D.O.B.  3/7/2019

Tip to Tip: N/A

Dam Vaquera's Litle Star

Sire CH Lightning Strike

TLBAA#CI319926 ITLA#281989

 Lightning's Bunny Love-Heifer

 D.O.B.  2/14/2019

 Tip to Tip : N/A                             

 Dam : Ms Marches Bunny Trail   (Hot  Playboy Daughter)

 Sire: CH Lightning Strike               (Awesome Viagra & LC Bladen )

TLBAA #CI319924 ITLA#281993

Hattie Strikes It Fancy-Heifer

D.O.B. 6/18/2019

Tip to Tip: N/A

Dam: VF Super Hattie (Lazy J Highlander)

Sire: CH Lightning Strike

Registration Pending

Dolly Strikes Midnight-Heifer

D.O.B. 10/4/2019

Tip to Tip N/A

Dam: OL Dolly

Sire: CH Lightning Strike

Registration Pending


Libby's Flash Of Light-Bull

D.O.B.  11/21/2019

Tip to Tip:  N/A

Dam : OL  Libby

Sire : CH Lightning Strike

Registration Pending

Scotlynns Striking Satin-Heifer

D.O.B.  11/7/2019

Tip to Tip N/A

Dam: Southern Satin (WF Clear Commander)

Sire: CH Lightning Strike

3F Vaquera's Star Light-Heifer


Tip to Tip: N/A

Dam : Vaquera's Little Star

Sire: CH Lightning Strike

Registration Pending

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