Triple F Ranch "3F" Grapeland, Texas Member Texas Longhorn Breeders Assc. Member International Texas Longhorn Association
Triple F Ranch  "3F"Grapeland, TexasMember Texas Longhorn Breeders Assc.Member International Texas Longhorn Association

Sale Pen-                                                Herd Reduction Sale

We will consider offers of sale or trade on any of our longhorns.

CH Lightning Strike- Herd Sire- If you are looking to add some flashy color to your herd... this bull will do that. He is an excellernt bull. Easy to work, will take cubes but will not crowd you . DNA is on file with TLBAA & Neogen. Great disposition. Keeping several of his daughters. $3500

Vaquera's Little Star  .  She is a fantastic mother and producer always gives nice healthy calves with no complications. Takes cubes from your hands. Produces great milk supply.  Exposed and most likely bred to CH Lightning Strike  & will be confirmed before sale $3500.00  

Stargarita G7 is a solid producer, easily approachable, hand fed, great momma.  Bull calf at side. Exposed back to CH lightning Strike . DNA is on file with Neogen & TLBAA for her and calf sire & will be done on calf as well. $4000.00 for the pair could possiibly be a 3 in 1.

RDH Erin , a beautiful blue roan heifer that is open at this time but is in the pasture with our fancy black & white herd sire CH Lightning Strike. Due to wanting to keep several of my heifer calves decided to sale. DNA has been collected on her and will be on file with TLBAA. She is dual registered with TLBAA & ITLA .Vaccinations are current , negative johnes test this year. DNA will be on file with TLBAA . Preg check will be done prior to sale. $1000.00

Ol Libby - Cow exposed back to CH Lightning Strike our fancy black and white herd sire. This cow always gives us nice healthy calves with plenty of milk to go around. She is a daughter of Country Liberator. Very easy to work, hand fed, and a fantastic momma. Dual registered with TLBAA & ITLA. Her DNA will be availble through TLBAA & Neogen/GenSeek. She is up to date on all vaccinations, yearly negative Johnes test.  $1500.00

Lightning's Top Champion -Very flashy steer out of CH Lightning Strike and our Lucky's Top Painted Lady who has a tip to tip just over 70''. Great show steer prospect that loves head scratches and hand fed cubes. This young fellow should turn out very nicely.


Strikin Suedes Ferdinand -  A beautiful red steer ready for his new home.  He is out of CH Lightning Strike and Suede's Red Rose. Dual registration availible, Parentage verification will be on file through TLBAA & Neogen/Genseek. Up to date on vaccinations, nice show prospect. $400.00

Lightning's Ditto - . He is a beautiful steer out of OL Libby & CH Lightning Strike. He will be ready for weening mid February. Looking so much like his sire, should make a nice herd sire prospect or a beautiful steer. $500.00

Clearly Autumn's Holly- Heifer open at this time but is in the pasture with our herd sire CH Lightning Strike. She is a thick bodied girl that comes from Clearly A Gunman which is a son of the amazing Clear Win and she is also a granddaughter of  Hot Playboy and SS Shalakos Colt 44. She has great potential and i would be keeping her but kept her full sister, as well as her mother, & grandmother... ( Can't Keep them all  $1000.00


This was not an easy decision....but we are keeping her 2 previous heifers and well... we can't keep them all. OL Dolly is as gentle as they come. She produces beautiful strong calves every single time no matter what bull she is with. Excellent mother and always has  a great supply of milk. Hand fed and easily worked through the chute. She has been exposed to our herd sire and pregnancy can be confirmed before sale. Her DNA has been collected and is currently being processed at Neogen labs. Her horn tips are broken at the very tips and was like that when we bought her almost 6 yrs ago.Bred to CH Lightning Strike $1500.00


Beauty Strikes A Pose-  a nice young heifer with great color. Has had some halter work and is very friendly. Keeping her sire a bit longer so decided to sale her before she becomes breeding age. Dual registered DNA verification on file with TLBAA & Neogen. $900.00

Autumn Strikes A FIreball-  This little guy will be availible in July at weening. He is gonna be a great one to add to your herd as a future herd sire or a nice steer. He comes from a great genetics background including Hot Playboy, LC Braden, & Awesome Viagra. His momma is one of our best cows and his sire is our black & white CH Lightning Strike. He will be branded, registered both TLBAA  & ITLA. He will be DNA verified and on file. $500.00

Lightning's Oreo- Heifer  small frame flashy girl. She is hand fed, DNA verification will be done and on file. Vaccinations are current & up to date. She is going to be a nice one as she matures. Comes from great genetics background.  $900

Lightning's Baby Star-  This is going to be a really pretty girl.  She is availible at weening in September or as a pair with her mother Vaquera's Little Star. $1500. 

Discounts offered to multiple purchases and package deals availible.

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