Triple F Ranch "3F" Grapeland, Texas Member Texas Longhorn Breeders Association Member International Texas Longhorn Association
Triple F Ranch  "3F"Grapeland, TexasMember Texas Longhorn Breeders AssociationMember International Texas Longhorn Association

We are continuously having calves born all year around. Please keep checking back as our sale page changes regularly.

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We will consider offers of sale or trade on any of our longhorns.

BAR She Wears A Crown


A beautiful black and white with some brindling in some areas. She is an excellent mother produces plenty of milk and insists that she shares with the other babies too. She's an easy keeper and easy to work. Will take cubes from your hand. Dual registered and her DNA is on file with Neogen and TLBAA for parentage verification. She is current on vaccinations and has had her brucellosis vaccination & is johnes negative. Exposed to PCC Yellowstone & should be bred but will confirm prior to sale. $2000.  Reduced $1500

Sweet Sapphire


This girl has a very unique color. In the sunlight she is a  deep burgundy. She has given us a beautiful heifer calf this year that we have decided to keep so we have made the decision to let her be available. She dual registered, her DNA is on file with Neogen & TLBAA for Parentage verification, she is johnes negative, current on vaccinations and she is exposed to PCC Yellowstone and pregnancy will be confirmed prior to sale.  $2000  

Reduced $1500

3F Hombre's Crown Jewel


This young heifer has such a feminine look about her. She is turning out to be a really pretty girl.  She is starting to warm up to me and will take cubes from me. She is current on her vaccinations, has her bruccellosis vaccine, her dna is on file with neogen & TLBAA for parentage verification. $1800   Reduced $1200

3F Stargaritas RubyStone


Don't underestimate this little girl. She might look like just a little red heifer right now but she comes from a genetics background that is solid on both sides. She is DNA parentage verified and its on file with neogen & TLBAA. She is current on all vaccinations including her bruccelosis. She is ready to go to your pasture. $1800  Reduced $1200

3F Hombre's Duchess


This little beauty will definitly look good in anyone's pasture.  She was in the 2022 TLBAA colorful calf contest and was in the TLBAA Trails Magazine. She is very feminine and is taking cubes from my hands. She is up to date on her vaccinations, her DNA is on file for parentage verification & she is ready to go. $1800   Reduced $1200

3F Yellowstone's Coni


This young heifer is loaded with potential. Her genetics background is packed... her dam is none other than Black Confetti which is a daughter of Hubbells 20 Gauge and her sire is PCC Yellowstone which is a Goldmine1 son. If you are looking to add some dun color to your herd  this girl is definitly the one to do it. 

She is DNA parentage verified, her brucellosis and vaccinations will be current at time of sale and she will be brandes & dual registered. $1500

SOLD: Thank you Donnie & Marilyn Taylor for your business


3F Market's Silver Belle


Born as a silver gruella this little girls color is changing and could change again. Her dama beautiful is black and white and her sire is a solid dun. The possibilities are endless, not just with her but also with her future offspring. You could put her with any bull of color and get some amazing colors. She is brucillosis vaccinated, dna parentage verified, branded, heifer vaccines are up to date and she is ready to go. She will be dual registered with both TLBAA & ITLA. Dam is GD Black Market & Sire is PCC Yellowstone. $1000

3F Sapphire's Joy


This beautiful heifer is a speckled white with light brown pecks. Her dam is Sweet Sapphire and her sire is PCC Yellowstone. She is hand fed and knows the sound of the feed buckets. She DNA parentage verified, has had her brucellosis vaccination, she is current on her heifer vaccines, branded, and ready to go. She will be dual registered with TLBAA & ITLA. $1000

3F Painted Silverstone


Talk about a looker... This boy is a stout nice looking boy. He is a silver gruella and white with one black spot on his back leg.... His dam had to leave her mark somewhere. Dam is Luckys Top Painted Lady which comes from the LC Bladen,Hunts Demand Respect, VJ Tommie, & Top Dog. Sire is PCC Yellowstone, a Goldmine1 son. This boy can be sold as a bull with potential as a future herd sire or as a very nice future trophy steer. He is DNA parentage verified, he will be vaccinated, branded, and registered with TLBAA & ITLA. $800

3F Bunny's Mr. Hot Stuff


This boy is goning to be a big boy. At barely 4 months he's already almost as big as his dam and is as his sibligs that are 2 and 3 months older than he is. He was demanding attention from birth. He is a grandson of Hot Playboy, and also has Boomerang CP, Emeror, Circle K Donovan, & VJ Tommie (AKA Unlimited) in his genetics on his Dams side and his sire is PCC Yellowstone, a Goldmine1 x M Arrow Wow What A Fannie son. He is DNA parentage verified, he will be vaccinated, registered with both TLBAA and ITLA and can be sold as a bull or steer. $800

3F Miss Playboy's Hugh


This little guy just demands attention. He is quite the looker. His dam is BS Miss Playboy, a Hot Playboy daughter x Allens 235 out of gun Slinger that traces back to Senator, Tabasco, Gizmo, & Zhivago. He is sired by none other than CV Call of Duty which comes from Cowboy Casanova, Cowboy Chex, Chuckwagon, just to name a few. This little guy's pedigree is double stacked...  He will be DNA parentage verified, vaccinated, and dual registered. He can be sold as a bull for a future herd sire or as a steer. $1000

Discounts offered to multiple purchases and package deals availible.

Chris & Heather Fischer


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